From retail to restaurants, hotels to housing, Lampton Commons provides the perfect location and resources needed to grow your business. With all utilities conveniently on site, we have created a variety of property sizes built to make locating your business here easy. Explore below to find out how Lampton Commons can be the perfect fit for your company.


Lampton Commons is the perfect location for any retail company looking for prime visibility and a central position in a thriving community. The low cost of living and an average household income of $62,000 per year combine to create the perfect retail paradise. With I-169 nearby, projections show an increase in the DTC of 35,500.


Companies like Walmart, Lowe's Home Improvement, TSC, Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Ross, AT&T, OfficeMax, Honda and more already call the area home.



The economic success in Hopkinsville, Kentucky has created a community with the buying power and disposable income that has allowed its residents to enjoy a higher quality of life.


At the heart of this thriving city lies the Lampton Commons neighborhood. With its central location and high-traffic exposure, it has become the prime site for new family style, casual, ethnic, quick service and other styles of restaurants.


Hopkinsville prides itself on it business-friendly environment and willingness of local government to make all aspects of the building process as easy as possible. With tax incentive financing (TIF) available, building your new location at Lampton Commons  will cut startup costs and give your business the premium address it deserves.



The idyllic green landscapes and innate charm of Hopkinsville makes the Lampton Commons area ready-made for the development of hospitality businesses. Located near the busy I-169 and sprawling Fort Campbell military base, hotels and resorts in the area will gain the benefit of boosted traffic and exposure. Whether for a business trip, staycation or a family visit, the need for quality accommodations has never been higher.

New Holiday Inn location now open!



The economic forecast in the Hopkinsville, Kentucky region is shining bright, seeing an explosion of new businesses. This has created a gap in the need for business space to accommodate the growth. Surrounded by beautiful communities and near the intersections of routes 68 & 41-A and the I-169, it is the perfect work destination for locals and commuters alike.

Ask about the available tax incentive financing (TIF) and find out how building your new location at Lampton Commons  will cut startup costs and give your business the premium address it deserves.

New expansive Jennie Stuart/Vanderbilt Medical Center now open!



Hopkinsville, Kentucky is the perfect address for comfortable living, home and family. Surrounded by beautiful forest vistas, charming parks and quality schools, Lampton Commons is in the center of perfection. Whether you're planning a housing development, apartment home community or condominiums, we offer plenty of property options to suit your needs. Call us at (619) 992-1627 today to find out how you can create your own perfect community lifestyle in Lampton Commons.