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Metropolitan Area Ranked 2nd Fastest Growing in U.S.

The statistics are out and the Hopkinsville, Kentucky economy is set for a stellar year in 2014. A new report by the Christian County Chamber of Commerce provided some amazing numbers showing the success of area businesses.

The metropolitan area was ranked the 2nd fastest growing MSA  in the country! Hopkinsville payroll increased 11% since 2010. Economic growth through tourism also increased, earning Christian County a rank of 12 out of 120 of the top counties in the U.S.

These impressive numbers caught the attention of some of the top corporations in the country. Restaurants like Chick-fil-A and Logan's Roadhouse are now calling Lampton Commons home. With Chick-fil-A experiencing very strong sales, the addition of Logan's Roadhouse (March 2014) and the Lowe's Center, Lampton Commons is becoming the preferred retail/commercial destination for the local market.

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